The Most Important Choice: Life 

I am probably going to receive some scrutiny for this post. Whether I’m prepared for it or not, I’m not quite sure. But here goes.I tend to avoid the topic of abortion altogether, especially with my friends and family that I know are pro-choice, because it can obviously very easily start arguments. I’ll start in saying that I truly do respect everyone’s opinion and, as long as it remains civil and respectful, I have no problem discussing it. It is constantly claimed that women’s rights would be harmed if abortion were to become illegal. That it is their body, so it is their choice. But it isn’t their body. It is the baby’s body. A body that has little fingers, and little toes, and a little heart. The woman may be holding the child, but that doesn’t mean it is THEIR body. Something obviously less extreme but similar in concept would be watching over someone’s dog while they are away. You are providing food and water for the dog, and you are housing the dog, but it is not your dog. Consider this: “If even a single living cell was found on a distant planet, scientists would exclaim that we have found life elsewhere in the universe. So why is a single living cell found in the womb of a pregnant woman not considered life?” Further, if a child was born prematurely, let’s say in the same time frame that abortion is legal (up to 26 weeks!!!), and killed immediately after birth, it would be murder. Same age. Same body. Same child. The only difference between that and abortion is that one is out of the womb, and one is not. One is one of the most horrific and highly punishable crimes in our society, and one is completely legal and okay. Why aren’t they equally wrong? If you feel as if you are mature enough to be having sex and to be making the decision to put yourself in the situation to potentially become pregnant, you should be mature enough to responsibly deal with the consequences of your actions and choices, whether it be to keep the child yourself or put him/her up for adoption and give another family a chance at having children. EVERY child is worthy of life and of love. It sickens me that some children don’t even have a chance at life. We have to draw the line! We must speak up for the rights of those who cannot speak up for themselves! Saying it is simply not our business is like turning our cheek to seeing a child being abused. On the topic of rape victims and abortion: I absolutely am NOT saying that being raped is not a horrific thing, because I am sure that it is. I am sure that it’s traumatizing and extremely emotionally damaging. Rape is awful all on its own, without abortion thrown into the mix. However, why should a child have to suffer for the criminal actions of their father? Additionally, having the guilt of taking a child’s life by abortion would only add to the emotional trauma of the situation. Even if life is chosen for the child, a mother can choose to put their child up for adoption. After 9 months, the responsibility can be taken off of their hands. When I say this, I am also not saying it wouldn’t be difficult. I’m not saying that the 14 year old who got pregnant from an absolute monster of a person would not undergo ridicule and harassment for being pregnant, because they likely would. It would suck. But they can choose life, and at least know that out of an unimaginably bad situation came a beautiful baby –a baby that has the chance to change the world. This is where our job as human beings comes in–to support and love those who are going through a struggle. I would like to say that if you have received an abortion, I am not intending to condemn you or to make you feel as if you are a monster. You aren’t. You are beautiful, you are loved, and you are valuable and worthy. We are all human. We are not perfect. I, just as much as you, have made mistakes in my life, and will continue to do so. I am simply stating my opinion. To end, I would just like to say this: if abortion is on your mind, consider your options. Think about the life you could give and the incredible person you have the potential to bring into this world. Choose life.

By: Amelia Faith Pratt

Age 18


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