Sometimes you put a gun to your head and pull the trigger

Without even lifting a finger

Sometimes your heart rips in half

And your mind crashes in

And you don’t so much as blink

Sometimes the person you love

grabs the hand of another

and you have to remind yourself to take a breath

But every once in awhile, you look at the sunset, or a puppy curls up in your lap.
Every once in awhile it is all perfectly okay. 

By: Amelia Pratt

Age 19


The Striped Blanket 

You sat on the blanket with stripes

with your olive shirt

and blue jeans

and green eyes

And you smiled

And that was all it took

to fall in the kind of love

that haunts you

for a lifetime.
By: Amelia Pratt

Age 19

Piled Up Misunderstandings

When a kiss is just lips touching

to you

but mountains colliding

to me

of course I will think that I am

not good enough.


Extraordinary love doesn’t come from gentle snowflakes lightly dusting a windowsill;

it comes from a fucking blizzard piling snow so high that you feel trapped and safe all at once.


Nothing good comes from half-hearted affection

and piled up misunderstandings.


And you were full of both.


By: Amelia Faith Pratt

Age 19


Don’t tell me that I am different than the other girls

Tell me I am remarkable




Don’t touch my body

Touch my heart

My mind

My soul


And when you’re done, don’t let me go

Let me flourish

Let me wander

Let me fly


By: Amelia Pratt

Age 19