Gas Station Nights

Sometimes you get stuck in a gas station.

One second you are jamming along to your favorite songs, driving into a pretty sunset. The next your truck is smoking, and then being towed. And before you know it there you are. Stuck at a gas station in Mart, TX. 

I think that’s how life goes sometimes. You’re on top of the world. Not just content, not just getting by, but truly happy. You have your favorite song, and your sunset, and your smile. Everything is as it should be.

But then comes stress, and then comes heartbreak, or financial burdens. Then comes death and tragedy and bad test grades or someone who makes you mad. Goodbye, favorite song and sunset. Hello, engine smoke and tow truck man.

But then that tow truck man named Kevin, who has three kids himself, takes you somewhere safer, because he cares. And then your friends say they will drive two hours on a Friday night to come get you, with no hesitation at all. And then at that gas station in that rinky dink little Texas town plays some good music, and you get some coffee, and suddenly it’s not so bad.

Find your people, y’all. Annoying things happen but the best people make it do-able. 

By: Amelia Pratt

Age 19


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