Going Home

He is in a fishing boat
She is in the mountains
I am in a pew
As the tug of a fish pulls on his line he experiences the exhilaration of life
The wind gently rustles through the treetops and she feels the awe of creation
I sit in silence staring at a cross and feel the peace of redemption 
We are all just trying to get home
Does it matter how we get there? 

By: Amelia Faith Pratt

Age 19


Grown Up’s.

What does it mean to grow up
Does it mean you have a job and a wife
A hand to hold and a dog to pet
Does it mean your house is pretty and your lawn well trimmed
Your bills paid on time and a church group on Wednesday nights 
I think growing up is
Learning how to love yourself even when you are falling apart 
I think growing up is building a passion with your heart as the artist
Seeking sensation instead of stability
You cannot take your house to heaven
Your job will mean nothing if it didn’t make a difference
Settling is the biggest temptation in the world
Resist it 

By: Amelia Pratt

Age 19