Dandelion People

People are like dandelions
Used for selfish desires
Easy to pick 
And blown off without a second thought
People are like dandelions
Full of wishes and dreams
That too often float away
People are like dandelions
Overlooked for prettier ones and
Taken only when they’re needed

People are like dandelions
Resilient in the storm and
Strong under judgment
People are like dandelions
Floating in the sun and
Swaying in the breeze
People are like dandelions
Soft and assuring
Full of hope and expectancy 
Which type will you choose to believe?

By: Amelia Pratt

Age 20


From The Sea I Rise

What do you tell someone
Whose tears fall more often than her eyes blink

That she can save herself from the sea that she’s cried
If only she would stand up

How do you convince someone of their worth
When all they see when they look in the mirror is someone with scars on their past 

Targets on their future 

Who can save someone

Who insists on burning herself to stay warm

When the one person they trusted dropped their heart

After promising to hold it steady

In this life I know one thing to be true–
The only person who can save them
Is themselves 

By: Amelia Pratt

Age 20