Dandelion People

People are like dandelions Used for selfish desires Easy to pick  And blown off without a second thought People are like dandelions Full of wishes and dreams That too often float away People are like dandelions Overlooked for prettier ones and Taken only when they’re needed • • People are like dandelions Resilient in the … More Dandelion People

Bubble Gum & Whiskey

It begins with a rainbow of colors Sidewalks full of bicycles and mermaids Princesses and fish Hands covered in chalk and  faces flooded with smiles The hose comes and suddenly the pictures of fairtytales and glitter are smeared and watered down  Gone Playgrounds and monkey bars turn into offices and morning commutes Fruit punch into … More Bubble Gum & Whiskey

Paintbrush People

Bristles like achievements and brush strokes like plans A handle to grasp and fingers to guide to way   Built up expectations in solid colors and clear lines meet disappointment in mixture and smears   Crystal clear water of hoped-for outcomes is attacked by the brown clouded concoction that is the child of dirty paintbrushes … More Paintbrush People

Going Home

He is in a fishing boat She is in the mountains I am in a pew As the tug of a fish pulls on his line he experiences the exhilaration of life The wind gently rustles through the treetops and she feels the awe of creation I sit in silence staring at a cross and … More Going Home

Grown Up’s.

What does it mean to grow up Does it mean you have a job and a wife A hand to hold and a dog to pet Does it mean your house is pretty and your lawn well trimmed Your bills paid on time and a church group on Wednesday nights  I think growing up is … More Grown Up’s.

I will not. 

You tell me to be quiet.  Flowers bloom in my mind and waterfalls gush in my soul and you want me to subdue myself I will not be subtle because you feel threatened I will not weaken my power because you are not strong  I will not dull my thoughts because my tree throws your … More I will not. 


Green to yellow to red If only it were that simple If only hearts worked like a stoplight If only red meant to please, back away And green meant I need you, now And yellow meant I don’t know what will happen, but let’s take it slow.  How much heartbreak Pain Suffering Could we prevent … More Stoplights

Fire In My Soul

You tell me to grow my hair out again, because you like it better that way You tell me to stop wearing pink because it makes me look like a child You tell me to put down the book I’m reading because your pleasure is more important than my mind What if I told you … More Fire In My Soul