Water Drops

If I had a drop of water for every time my mother said she was going to kill herself I’d be drowning too • • By: Amelia Pratt Age 20 1/11/2018 Advertisements


“Fuck you.” The words rolled off his lips like a boulder and plowed into me like a wave His cheeks were flushed and his eyes wild and his fists clenched I stood with tear stained cheeks and a bruised spirit Soaking in the words of hatred from the man who was supposed to protect me … More Fights

Hotel Room Nights

Stand up, I mutter under my breath. I beg God for understanding. Kindness. Grace. The bottle is rolling at my feet. Please, I plea. My knuckles are white. Her fingers are holding the weight of her limp and uncontrolled body. I can feel every part of her giving up. I’m the kid here, I whisper. … More Hotel Room Nights

Dandelion People

People are like dandelions Used for selfish desires Easy to pick  And blown off without a second thought People are like dandelions Full of wishes and dreams That too often float away People are like dandelions Overlooked for prettier ones and Taken only when they’re needed • • People are like dandelions Resilient in the … More Dandelion People

Bubble Gum & Whiskey

It begins with a rainbow of colors Sidewalks full of bicycles and mermaids Princesses and fish Hands covered in chalk and  faces flooded with smiles The hose comes and suddenly the pictures of fairtytales and glitter are smeared and watered down  Gone Playgrounds and monkey bars turn into offices and morning commutes Fruit punch into … More Bubble Gum & Whiskey

Paintbrush People

Bristles like achievements and brush strokes like plans A handle to grasp and fingers to guide to way   Built up expectations in solid colors and clear lines meet disappointment in mixture and smears   Crystal clear water of hoped-for outcomes is attacked by the brown clouded concoction that is the child of dirty paintbrushes … More Paintbrush People

Going Home

He is in a fishing boat She is in the mountains I am in a pew As the tug of a fish pulls on his line he experiences the exhilaration of life The wind gently rustles through the treetops and she feels the awe of creation I sit in silence staring at a cross and … More Going Home