Fire In My Soul

You tell me to grow my hair out again, because you like it better that way You tell me to stop wearing pink because it makes me look like a child You tell me to put down the book I’m reading because your pleasure is more important than my mind What if I told you … More Fire In My Soul

Gas Station Nights

Sometimes you get stuck in a gas station. One second you are jamming along to your favorite songs, driving into a pretty sunset. The next your truck is smoking, and then being towed. And before you know it there you are. Stuck at a gas station in Mart, TX.  I think that’s how life goes … More Gas Station Nights


Sometimes you put a gun to your head and pull the trigger Without even lifting a finger Sometimes your heart rips in half And your mind crashes in And you don’t so much as blink Sometimes the person you love grabs the hand of another and you have to remind yourself to take a breath … More Triggered


Don’t tell me that I am different than the other girls Tell me I am remarkable Stunning Sensational   Don’t touch my body Touch my heart My mind My soul   And when you’re done, don’t let me go Let me flourish Let me wander Let me fly   By: Amelia Pratt Age 19

Unfading Scars

What do you say, to the girl who yanked the knife away from your wrist when you pulled it across your skin like ripping paper? How do green eyes feel when the person who found you with red on your sleeves has emerald in her soul? Why does sliding a blade across your veins feel … More Unfading Scars